The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic

The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic

Monday, September 19, 2011

Review of Flash Fiction Addiction

Flash Fiction Addiction

Sometimes I feel like I’m a Hobbit, living in a hole in the ground, but I only recently learned about Flash Fiction. Imagine my surprise when I learned that it has roots going as far back as Aesop's Fables.

No one tells me anything!

My take on this type of writing, you tell the whole story in a few words, one short story, or what I would consider a chapter. Direct and to the point, no worries about what came before or after…well, maybe a little.

I like it!

Garden Summerland has grasped this concept and run with it. Her anthology is a collection of twenty-two flash fiction stories of several different genres; light horror, romance, paranormal & crime, showcasing several of her previously published works, as well as several of her new stories.

If I had to describe this book in one word, it would be…PASSION!

This book keenly captures the emotions of the human experience. People are in anguish, some in love, and of course there is hatred. Others are just scared, while others, diabolical. Believe me, capturing and communicating these emotions believingly on paper is a gargantuan task, but Garden has done it with seeming ease.

This book is a roller coaster of emotions as you delve into the darker side of all of us, a side we don’t always want to acknowledge. You feel the hurt and anguish of an unfettered, yet unfulfilled love, the maddening demons that drive us to revenge, and the horror of the outcome.

You feel the prison of a deranged mind, suggesting to you things that you abhor, yet following through on command like a robot is unavoidable, feeding the obsession, a never ending cycle banging in your head. Passion and desire fill your senses, the touch of your lover at once demanding, yet gentle.

(Takes breath)

Plus, there are vampires… and angels!

I think it is good to veer out of you normal read once in awhile, out of your comfort zone. One gets stuck in a routine that I believe, as a writer, or a reader, can make you stale. ‘Flash Fiction Addiction’ certainly awakened my mind to the all encompassing, sometimes devastating, emotions that are in all of us.

Garden Summerland has uniquely captured the essence of these emotions in her first published volume. It is a must read for anyone that wants to explore the passion of the human soul.

JT Lewis

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