The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic

The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic

Sunday, September 25, 2011

What If...You Finally Started Your Book...And You Died?

So, what if you finally got that book started you always wanted to write. You've scrunched up your nerve, laid out some characters; you’ve got the gist of your story in your head. You turn on the computer, bring up a nice fresh word document…and start writing.
The words start coming, maybe slowly at first, but they come. Before you know it, you’ve got ten pages!
You show them to your family, and anxiously await their response, knowing they will follow you in ecstasy at the words written on your paper.
No, wait!
That’s your dream word trying to peak its head into your real world. In the real world, you probably don’t show anybody, you’re just not quite ready to reveal yourself yet. You know at some point you will have to bring it up, before they think you’re into internet porn or something.
So you buckle down, writing words on the screen. You reread your story from the beginning. You smile, “some of this crap is pretty good!”
Now you are on a roll, and pretty soon you have thirty pages, then thirty chapters, then…you can’t get up one morning.
Something’s not right. You can’t put your finger on it yet…probably just the flu.
After a couple of days you feel like getting back to it and you start putting words on the screen again, another ten pages…damn! You’re rolling now!
You do get up the next day, but again there is something wrong.
You decide to go to a doctor, who sends you to a specialist, who him-haws around for a few weeks while sending you to get every test known to man. Meanwhile, your book sits on the computer…waiting.
You get to it every once in awhile, but you get less done, and it takes more effort.
You go back to the doc, who clinically gives you the news, lower then average survival, really rare, sorry…
You are devastated. You can’t do anything for days, then there is family stuff, procedures and more tests.
You slowly walk to the computer one day; it’s one of your good days you think as the cane clicks on the floor beside you. You are determined to finish your book, the great American Novel.
You peck around for awhile, then take a break, returning a week later to do some more, the next week, more.
You’re almost half way done, you are happy about that, as happy as you can be through the pain.
And then…you’re gone.

Her name was Lorna Lynne Kreimer, and she has the start of a great book…with no ending in sight. It was not to be for me to get to know Lorna, but I know her husband from work. One day we were discussing my foray into the writing word, and he told me her story. Asking if he found all of the files, if I would look at it, maybe it could be finished some way.
The book was good, kind of a paranormal/mystery mixed with murder. I read, excited to maybe be a part of this story, to help finish what Lorna started. I was excited, until I got to the end.
It stopped at the worst possible place. All of the beginning is laid out, all of the mysteries introduced, but not a clue how she wanted it to finish.
I emailed my friend Jack, asking him if there was anything else, an outline, anything? After checking all of his hard drives, he confirmed that there was nothing else. So the book could be anything I wanted it to be.
I had expected to have to build on her work, but not this much.
I am committed to finishing this…someday. But it will be awhile before I can. So I have done a couple of things: I have put the work as is on Smashwords for anyone to look at, and I have offered any writer the chance to help finish the book.
If anyone has an idea and wants to work on it, even part of it, just let me know. There is also editing needed on the original part of the book, mostly formatting, there were not even chapters when I started on it.
It’s a long shot that anyone will be interested I know. But I am committed to this story, to this lady that started her dream but couldn’t finish it in time.
I’ve called it ‘The Total December Experiment’, named for the file it was in on her computer
Anyone that contributes, including editing, will get equal billing on the finished product. It could be a relativity easy way for someone to add a work to their stable.

And I have to ask one more time, for Lorna….what if you started your book…

JT Lewis


  1. Wow! I never thought about that but I do look around my office and think I need to get rid of some stuff in the event someone has to go through my office. Definitely checking out the book. I am a new follower and would love a follow back on my blog. I shared your post on My Life's face book page. Donna

  2. Thanks Donna! Now following you! Have a good one!