The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic

The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

You Will Be "Electrified" By The Soon To Be Released Gabriel's Revenge!

I stood there mesmerized as I watched the approaching storm, feeling the increasing power with every approaching second. It seemed to rise in height as it drew nearer, becoming more ominous and violent as it worked to build for a climax of as yet unknown proportions.
The wall of water finally hit like a freight train, the house rattling on its foundation. I leaned against the aluminum frame of the window, my nose only inches from the glass as I strained to see through the maelstrom.
A blue arc of lightning descended on the back yard, and I watched in amazement as the bolt flashed multiple times. I seemed to be watching in some sort of slow motion, the flashes appearing for as long as five seconds or more. As I watched, two fingers jumped out of the main flash, each grabbing onto the fence around the back yard before they slowly traveled around the yard, one each way.
I watched the display in wonder; the lightning seemed to be playing as it made its way around the yard. Making its way around the final corner posts, I was shocked to see that it was now heading straight for the house.
I started to push myself away from the window when another huge white bolt of lightning struck the yard in front of the glass, joining the fence riding fingers in a magnificent display of electrical power. The shock hit me and traveled through my arms, jolting my brain as I was forcibly thrown from the window and against the opposite wall of the hallway.
Pushed against the wall, the power of the lightning coursed through my veins as my eyes held onto the tree-trunk sized light outside the window.
Then….everything stopped.
As I stood there held against the wall, stillness suddenly enveloped me; there was not a sound anywhere. The sequoia tree of energy outside my window had stopped moving, turning into a statue that would do DaVinci proud. As my frozen body stared at the immovable apparition, a white figure floated out of it, a beautiful apparition.
She was instantaneously in front of me, laying a hand on my cheek with familiarity, a shy smile on her face below the bluest eyes I have ever encountered.

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