The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic

The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Gabriel's Revenge Release Date Set!

Gabriel's Revenge, the much awaited sequel to Murder! Too Close To Home, is scheduled for release on July 18th, 2012. 

A friend murdered! 

His mood…dark.

A mysterious woman.

A taunting, villainous and invisible murderer.

His best play…REVENGE

Working at a dig in South America , Gabriel Celtic’s dreary existence is shattered by a one page telegram from back home, asking him for help on a murder… the murder of his friend!

Meeting a mysterious woman on the flight back, she seems to be trying unsuccessfully to drag him out of his dark mood. He is unnerved however, by the feeling that this “girl” seems just a little too familiar with his past.

Starting his investigation as soon as the wheels hit the tarmac, he soon finds help from an unexpected source… the mysterious woman from the plane. Coming to his rescue in the nick of time, her competence and bravery are undeniably familiar.

Meanwhile the investigation into the diabolical murders of his friend and others will soon lead him on a journey that will end at a place that he had never expected… the darkest corners of the Catholic Church!

Gabriel's Revenge follows Murder! Too Close To Home as the second in the series: The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic.

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