The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic

The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Great Plane Robbery!

Now available!

The First in The Series

The Great Plane Robbery*

part of

The Adventures of Young Gabriel Celtic

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JT Lewis' newest series is called The Adventures of Young Gabriel Celtic, a Middle Grade series that focuses on the misadventures of Gabriel Celtic as a youngster. Always inquisitive, he follows his intuition in search of mystery and adventure. Unfortunately, things don't always turn out quite like he planned. 

“Was this part of your plan dad?” GB yelled from his cover behind the old oak as he added bullets to his cylinder. “If it was, it seems to be going splendidly!”
Gabriel senior slid around the edge of his tree, pulling off a shot in the direction of one of the robber’s muzzle flashes, the boom of the .45 filling the woods with noise.
“I kinda figured they would give up when they saw us coming son,” he intoned dryly as he pulled the clip out of his weapon and counted his bullets. “Best laid plans son, that’s why we always have a back up plan.”
“Oh good!” GB yelled back as he pulled off another shot. He scampered quickly behind the tree again as a piece of the tree trunk above him blew apart and rained down on his head. “What’s your plan?”
“Working on it,” the older man muttered as he took another shot. “They don’t come to me as quick as they used to you know!”

I absolutely loved this (Middle Grade) book! This new series by JT Lewis Is an engrossing delightful tale that has no parental advisory warnings. Language is clean, plot is fast, no adult themes to worry about for your elementary grade-schooler. i cannot wait for more from this author.

Transport yourself today, you'll love it!
(review from River Jordan)

"The Great Plane Robbery" tells the story of a childhood we'd all like to remember, and it brings a better understanding of the man that Gabe Celtic grows up to be. How fascinating to get a peek at the childhood of one my favourite fictional heroes!! I thoroughly enjoyed this and anyone that picks it up will too. I highly recommend it to kids of all ages... the grown-up ones too!

(review from Miss Summerland)

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