The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic

The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Announcing a New Series!

I Would Like to Present the Beginning of a New Series!

The Miel Chronicles!



J.T. Lewis


K.R. Jordan

Check out the first in the series! The Miel Chronicles is a collaborative effort between authors to bring readers a series of thought-provoking fantasy stories! Yolanda, the first story is coauthored by K.R. Jordan


The workings of heaven are shrouded in mystery and myth, leaving us to only theorize as to what awaits us when we pass.
Generally speaking, we like to think that we all fall into two distinct groups: those that live a good life and go to heaven, and those that don’t and are destined for another realm.
There are those among us however, that are special cases.
These are good people that have committed a horrendous crime, such as murder.
What makes their cases special however, is the fact that by committing these egregious acts, one could argue that they have made the world a better place.
The premise of The Miel Chronicles is that there is a heavenly court that is forced to consider these special cases, holding in their collective hands the fate of the souls that come before them.
Three archangels make up the Court of Souls, but only one among them recognizes that these souls cannot be judged on just the outward facts.
He alone will take it upon himself to dig into the sordid details surrounding the crimes in question. But he is a busy entity, and unable to traverse the world in search of evidence.
Miel, a lowly angel that can walk among us, travels the world in his stead. Tasked as an investigator by the archangel, her job is to gather facts. But more than that, she must capture the emotions that led to the act in question, as well as any evidence of repentance.
It is this recording of emotions in the Journal of Souls that will ultimately clear, or convict the soul.
These are the journeys of Miel, the Keeper of the journal.

Check it out!

We are looking for readers and fans for this series, one that is unlike any you have read before. Look for more chapters in the coming months, each by a different coauthor!

Purchase it here!

The authors are looking for anyone who would like a copy in exchange for a them here
Authors! if you are interested in coauthoring a chapter in this series, please email J.T. Lewis

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