The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic

The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic

Friday, July 26, 2013

Pepper And Longstreet Is A Finalist!

Pepper and Longstreet is a finalist in the Readers Favorite Award Contest in the Young Adult Mystery Category!

Award Contest Winners

As you can imagine, we are quite pleased with this outcome, being selected as a finalist in this contest is a big deal! Both Pepper Jones and Jacob Longstreet are very nervous about the outcome!

Here's what Reader's Favorite has to say about becoming a finalist in their contest! 

If you were chosen as a finalist then congratulations! It was an extremely competitive year and your selection was hard earned. You are now authorized to let others know you are a Readers' Favorite Award Finalist and you can use our finalist seal on your website, Facebook page, or on any other website or media you see fit.  
This was our largest contest ever and competition was fierce.

Here's what Lee Ashford of Reader's Favorite had to say:

The Pepper and Longstreet Mysteries (Complete Series) by J.T. Lewis contains every episode of the series. Very similar to "The Hardy Boys" and "Nancy Drew" familiar to us considered "Boomers", Pepper Jones is a 14 year old High School student who has been successful - and lucky - at solving a number of mysteries around her home town.

She has the very helpful assisatance of a Civil War era ghost by the name of Jacob Longstreet, who happens to be invisible to everyone except Pepper; that fact gives her a decided advantage at times when working on the case.
These stories aren't just reminiscent of "The Hardy Boys" and "Nancy Drew"; they are every bit as well written, engaging, and fun to read. J.T. Lewis writes youth mysteries on par with these two legendary series.

Although it is classified as a young adult fiction, I can personally testify that old adults too will enjoy these stories. The author has found his niche, and has the talent to excel in this genre. His characters are as real as your next door neighbor, with a touch of the paranormal thrown in just for fun. 

The awards will be announced September 1st, so keep your fingers crossed that Pepper Jones will need a new gown come September. I'm sure Jacob Longstreet will opt for merely cleaning his well-worn uniform! :D

You can check out the books here!

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