The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic

The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic

Friday, May 29, 2015

Murmansk! Chapters 20, 21 & 22

Every week or so I will be putting up an advance chapter or two of my newest International Thriller...

Murmansk! You can of course find the earlier chapters further down the page.The book should be

 published around July of this year!

**Note this is first draft so be gentle LOL :-)

Chapter 20
December 9, 2000

The man took a long drag on the cigarette, blowing smoke toward the ceiling after holding it in his lungs. Lying in bed, he reached to the table beside him and flicked off his ash before sucking in another lungful.
The woman beside him stirred, rubbing her hand up and down his belly before dropping off again.
Ivan Primalov barely noticed; his thoughts on the mission at hand. Yesterday he had received a communication from is sister Magda, letting him know that the girl was in transit overland.
But she never made it to her aunt’s house.
Instead, she had arrived at his location several hours ago…the plan had gone off without a hitch!
The woman beside him snorted. Glancing her way, he sneered at the ugly shlyukha (whore).
What was it about all of the whores taking the one-word Americanized names?
Dax, Score, Bone…Did they think it would make them less ugly? That men would hear their name and get a hard-on? Did they think men so stupid?
Aggravated, Ivan flung the cigarette across the room and into the flames of the fireplace.
He should wake the bitch; she had been long enough in his bed!
His thoughts turned suddenly to his new boss…his leader.
Never had a woman so enchanted him…and yet never had a woman aggravated him to the degree of that one.
“Printsessa I’da,” he mumbled with a smile. (The Ice Princess)
Thinking of her stirred something under the sheets, something he would use to claim her before this was all over.
“Hey!” he growled at the woman sleeping beside him, “Wake the fuck up!”
“Wha…what is it lyubovnik (lover)?” the woman whimpered sleepily. “I thought you were done.”
Throwing the covers off of the bed, Ivan lifter her effortlessly and shoved her into the wall at the head of the bed, crowding in behind her on his knees.
“I’ll tell you when I am through with you, you white-haired bitch!” he growled as he pushed deeply inside of her.
Something in his voiced warned Dax to keep quiet as she played her part, panting and moaning in time to his thrusts. Something in his voice had warned her all right…that and the fact that she had black hair…

Chapter 21
December 9, 2000

Shivering, I pushed open the door, hoping to find some hint of civilization nearby. The hinge squeaked slightly as I exited into a blizzard of blowing snow and wind. Taking a step out into the blinding whiteness, I decided that maybe this wasn’t the best option. Turning around to make my way back, I found that the building was no longer there!
Wondering if I could actually freeze to death while in a dream, I decide to head back the way I had started. The snow was deep, at least two feet of it by my reckoning as I slowly trudged through the heavy whiteness.
I went on for what seemed like hours, my energy draining away with every step as I lifted one heavy leg at a time forward. My aching bones seemed ready to snap, and my muscles felt more like Lead than anything living.
I stopped suddenly in midstride; my senses controlling my actions as I was blinded by the whiteness around me. Suddenly, I could make out the edge of a crevasse before me, the bottom unseen in the swirl of the wind and snow.
Although I had been warned to stop somehow, I had no energy left to try another route. My body was now spent, and my faith in anything had waned into nothingness.
Falling to the ground, the heavy snow fell in around me, covering me in an icy coldness that now seemed fitting for my end.
I sat up, panting from the exertion of the dream while trying to get my bearings. I felt lost and alone, like I really had been entombed in an icy grave. When May stirred beside me after a few seconds, I was instantly relieved.
My bedroom…5:30 in the morning…as usual.
Sighing with relief, I laid back on the pillow to catch my breath as I stared at the ceiling.
It had been so real!
I shivered from the coldness in my body…what one would feel had they actually been buried in snow.
This is crazy, I thought to myself, almost like the last time.
In point of fact, I had had this dream before…or at least part of it.
Over a year ago now, Wolf had started his attacks on me with just such a dream. In it, he had let me travel until I could go no further before seemingly saving me and offering me salvation.
His brand of salvation.
We had eventually found a way of combating Wolf’s dream attacks, with the help of a few angels and the comfort of my dream room.
But the angels had left me to my own devices now…and I hadn’t dreamed of my room since Wolf had been defeated.
I missed it! The comforting warmness of the room, the magic elixir of the unending coffee, and games of chess played with my grandfather.
And of course there was the occasional appearance of my lovely Betty.
Betty was my first wife, taken from me by a crazed killer three years ago now. She had last come to me in the room when I thought I was dead during the battle with Wolf at the Vatican.
I had given up the ghost so to speak, ready to spend the next eternity with her.
But she had gently reminded me…forced the reality back into my mind that I had left others behind…my friends…my daughter…my granddaughter!
It had been enough, and I had come back. I often wondered however, what would have happened had I chosen to stay?
Frustrated at my thoughts and still cold, I slid out of bed and got dressed. Although my place in bed beside May was warm and inviting, I needed the warmth of an infusion of coffee.
As soon as I reached the kitchen I got the coffee around and poured the water. Turning from the pot, I spied the red dossier sitting on the table. It had arrived soon after we had returned from the restaurant last night.
As promised, the mission would involve cold weather and a working knowledge of the Russian language.
Abby jumped at the chance to use her extensive linguistic skills on the job, and all in all it seemed pretty straight forward.
A girl had been kidnapped, and McGruder needed us to fly the ransom to Russia and bring the little girl home.
According to McGruder, this sort of thing was fairly common in the former Soviet Union. Her father was also well to do apparently, and could easily afford the payoff needed to get his daughter back.
After a bit of discussion, I had called McGruder around 10:00 the night before and accepted the assignment.
Now I wondered if we had made the right choice…about any of this new tack our life was taking.
Although we were all enjoying the added challenges of the work, I was still unconvinced that we should have accepted working with Patrick.
I mean, it wasn’t like we hadn’t done most of this before and weren’t qualified for the work, but there was a different…attitude surrounding our new occupation.
Secrecy cloaked in deception. Confrontational attitudes from even those we were trying to help.
And let’s not forget the traveling!
Before our trip to Rome the year before, the only time I had been outside the country was during the war. Now there was the potential to be flying around the planet most of the year!
Realizing I was tense, I turned from the table and pulled out a clean mug, filling it with the fresh coffee. Moving to the table, I took a chair in front of the file and started glancing again at the pictures inside.
The picture of the little girl showed a happy child with golden curls tumbling to her shoulders, her bright smile marred only by the gap of a single missing tooth.
Juliana Rascoff, I mumbled the name of the girl under my breath.
Father Frank, or Frenk originally. Immigrating to this country twenty years ago, he had worked hard and made something of himself. Now a successful industrialist, he was a true success story.
But now he needed help. His daughter had been taken from him, and he was afraid to go himself, knowing it would be worse if they got both of them.
So he had hired Patrick, and Patrick, in turn, had hired Savior.
I still giggled whenever I thought of our code name.
“What are you giggling about husband?”
I smiled as I looked up, watching May approach the table from the living room.
“Nothing much,” I admitted before we kissed, “Just our stupid code name.”
May nodded as she moved to the counter and secured her own cup of coffee. “I find it very comforting,” she continued as she moved back to the table and took a seat beside me. “After all, you have saved me more than once…as well as many other people.”
Leaning over toward me, she kissed my cheek before whispering into my ear.
You also saved me from being a sad and pathetic old woman,”
Grinning when she pulled away, she took a sip from her coffee, her eyes dancing over the rim.
“Whatever,” I smiled. “There are plenty of old men like me around.”
May rolled her eyes. “There are plenty of old men around Gabriel Celtic, but there is no one like you!”
“I’ll second that,” Abby crowed as she entered the room. “Kind of makes you think about erecting a museum in his name or something doesn’t it May?”
“Indeed,” May grinned again, “Although he would be the only one that wouldn’t go to see it.”
“He’s kind of self-deprecating like that,” Abby agreed.
“You do know I’m right here, right?” I mentioned then.
Abby waved away my statement. “Yeah, but we’re trying to capture the essence of you…not the boring-assed real thing.”
May burst out laughing as Abby grinned from ear to ear.
I sighed and got up for some more coffee, glancing at my watch as I poured.
“We need to be at the airport in two hours by the way,” I mentioned as I came back to the table and glanced at Abby, “You going to be ready?”
“Yeah, yeah,” she groused good-naturedly, “I’m going to feed Ya Su in a few minutes and then I’ll get ready.”
We had decided on a three-man team for this mission. Abby was, of course a no-brainer since she was the only one that spoke the language, and Preacher was the muscle.
“Why am I going again?” I asked then, “I think you and Preacher could handle the exchange fine without me. Hand over the money and bring the little girl home…easy peasy.”
Abby glanced at May, “He just doesn’t get it, does he.”
Shaking her head, May followed with, “Not a clue.”
Placing her hands on her hips, Abby turned to face me.
“You’re the brains in this outfit dummy,” she stated emphatically, “And as such, you are responsible for guiding those of us less experienced.”
I had to smile at her proclamation. I also had to admit that it was heartwarming to think that Abby felt so strongly about my abilities.
“I figure,” Abby continued then, “That you’re so old that you have to know more than the rest of us!”
The heartwarming feeling of only moments before shattered into a thousand pieces.
I could only sigh as the room filled with the gay cackling of my girls.

Book Two
To Russia With Love

Chapter 22
December 9, 2000

I leaned back the seat a notch as I got comfortable, starting to feel the tug of a nap as we hurtled through the sky.
The plane that McGruder has chartered for our trip was plush! Seating twelve, Abby, Preacher and I were the only passengers. Glancing across the aisle, I once again checked on the bag full of money. We had no idea what the amount of the ransom was, but it filled a duffle with little space to spare.
We had strapped it into the seat as if it were another passenger.
Abby was sitting beside me, talking away while Preacher sat behind us, reading his Bible.
My eyelids continued to get heavier as I tried to concentrate on Abby’s conversation.
“Did you know Murmansk is the largest city in the world north of the Arctic Circle?”
I jerked myself more awake at her question. “No, I didn’t,” I answered somewhat groggily.
Abby nodded as she continued reading from the brochure in her hand.
“It was the last city founded during the Russian Empire. During World War I, Russia constructed a railroad to the area to use in receiving supplies shipped by their allies for use in the war effort. Originally called Murman Station, it quickly grew to include a port as well as a naval base.”
I nodded, but my eyes were now so heavy I could barely hold them open.
Rousing myself again, I glanced over at Abby…only to find that she too had fallen asleep.
Smiling at finally being able to allow my eyes to close, I was comfortably dropping off until a commotion behind me suddenly jerked me awake yet again.
“Son of a bitch,” Preacher exclaimed suddenly as I heard the clasp of his seatbelt click open.
Rising to his feet, Preacher was agitated, his attention drawn to the pilot’s cabin. Moving sideways out of his seat, he started striding quickly down the aisle toward the pilot.
I was as yet not sure what was going on when Preacher suddenly dropped face first into the aisle way.
 Feeling a panic building up in side of me, I attempted to release myself from my seat restraints to check on Preacher.
My arms wouldn’t move!
Then I heard it…the hissing of some sort of gas coming from the pilot’s bulkhead.
As my eyes located the source of the noise, my mind tried to fathom what was going on.
What looked like a small pipe sticking through the bulkhead was spewing some sort of gas into the cabin!
With my last available reserve, I finally got one of my hands to move to the seatbelt and claw at the buckle.

The rewarding sound of the belt’s release was the last thing I remembered…

Copyright 2015 J.T. Lewis

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