The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic

The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic Collection!

It's Finally Here!

The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic collection is now live...get it for only #99CENTS for a few days only!

Starting with the first book, you will get sucked into the Adventures of Gabriel Celtic thriller/mystery series, where Gabe has to trust his intuition…and sometimes even the added help of mysterious visions to get down to the bottom of the mystery. 

In Murder! Too Close To Home, Gabriel is confronted by a series of murders unlike anything he has ever encountered before. A mysterious card dropped at the scene of each murder points to someone that calls himself the ‘Ghost’ as the doer. Little does Gabriel know that the Ghost has someone controlling him, and the reasons for her murderous spree will topple all of his theories…and cost him the ultimate sacrifice! 

In Gabriel’s Revenge, Gabe is hiding from the world as he marks his days on an archeological dig in South America…until the death of his friend back home draws him back to the states. 
Meeting a mysterious woman on the flight back, she seems intent on trying to drag him out of his dark mood. Her efforts unnerve him however, as he fights the feeling that this “girl” seems just a little too familiar with his past. 
Meanwhile the investigation into the diabolical murders of his friend and others will soon lead him on a journey that will end at a place that he had never expected… the darkest corners of the Catholic Church! 

In Case of Death finds Gabriel confronted by a different kind of problem. Two lost loves from his past want to hire him to investigate the deaths of their husbands! 
Having moved away from law enforcement, Gabe and his newly discovered daughter Abby have started a private investigative firm. 
Taking his friends case, Gabe and Abby soon find that men are dying by the same man’s hand all over the world! And if that weren’t enough, they then discover that he lives in their own back yard. 
Tracking the murderer becomes cumbersome as he hides in plain sight, his name hidden behind the gibberish of a mysterious book. When they finally do start getting close…he brings their world crashing down around them! 
Set in southeast Indiana, In Case of Death weaves a global story of action and suspense that will leave you begging for more! 

And finally, The Book of Gabriel starts to answer some of the spiritual happenings of Gabriel’s life as he suddenly finds himself embroiled in a biblical prophecy! 
Ancient scrolls found by archaeologist Julien Taylor in present-day Iraq have foretold the end of the world, as well as the man tasked with stopping it….Gabriel himself. 
Presented this unbelievable revelation by his old friend, Gabe is hesitant to believe, much less accept the massive responsibility seemingly thrust upon him until the Beast of Biblical prophecy makes it deadly personal...recklessly attacking Gabe and his family in their own home! 
Forced against his will to get involved in the far-fetched prophecy, his faith is relentlessly tested as he raises a ragtag army to combat the man that calls himself Wolf. 
Doing so will put everyone he loves in added danger…but to do nothing…risks even more! 
The End Is Near! 

Also included are two of the prequels to the series! The first, The Journal, has young Gabe dealing with the death of his grandfather, an important figure in his life as you can see in the rest of the stories. In the abducted, I delve into a little known, little talked about aspect of Gabriel Celtic’s life. 

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