The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic

The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Cover Reveal of Murmansk!

The 5th book in the Adventures of Gabriel Celtic series is set for release on July 18th, 2015!

In celebration, I am giving you the first look at the new cover for Murmansk!

After saving mankind from the Antichrist in his last adventure, (The Book of Gabriel), Gabe is finding it hard to discover a new niche for his life. Now happily married to his oldest friend as well as being a new grandpa besides, he is nevertheless anxious about his future.

The sudden appearance of the strange little man at his door quickly changes that however. 

Patrick McGruder is a mysterious man that is secretive about what he actually does. Be that as it may, he offers Gabe and his crew a job…in Russia! Although Gabe is not at all confident that they are the right people for the mission, McGruder assures them that he has been “watching” them for quite awhile and has the utmost confidence in their abilities.

Finally accepting the offer, they set off on their adventure…only to discover the simple project that they had been promised quickly turn into a protracted battle for life and death!

I have a couple more deals too!

Murmansk is on sale now! You can pre-order Murmansk on all retail sites for only $2.99 until release day!

Here are the links!

Available for pre-order @ Smashwords
Available for pre-order @ Amazon
Available for pre-order @ Barnes and Noble
Available for pre-order @ Kobo
Available for pre-order @ iBooks


In conjunction with the release of Murmansk, I have made Gabriel's Revenge FREE!

Now you can get both Murder! Too Close To Home and Gabriel's Revenge for free! Find out what all of the fuss is about on this series by picking up the first two stories for #FREE!

You can find Murder! here:

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