The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic

The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween! A Special Guest...A Special Scare!

Today I asked another author friend of mine to contribute a scary story for Halloween...and it is a DOOZY!

The author that goes by the name Byte is a friend of mine, and we have even collaborated on one story. Taken from her book Eldritch Legends, the story is called Ater Nunious...and it is about an angel saving a man's life...sort of...(*shivers)

Byte is the Queen of Horror, and you will NOT want to go to sleep after you read her tail...SO DON'T READ THIS TO LATE IN THE DAY! If you like it, please consider purchasing the book and giving her a follow! (Links posted at the end of the story)

Ater Nuntius

I couldn’t see a damn thing.
Driving down route one that night I was listening to old rock on the radio. Listening to the music and just trying to see out of the windshield, more than a little inebriated. As I rounded a curve the headlights suddenly revealed a deer standing smack in the middle of the road, hypnotized by my lights.
I cut the wheel hard to the left and the car started spinning counter-clockwise; thumping and throwing the deer on the third of five complete revolutions that the car and I made. I finally got the car stopped, ending up perpendicular to the highway, my hands clamped on the wheel like steel talons. Taking deep breaths to get my heart rate down, I marveled at my good fortune at getting through the ordeal with no damage to life or limb.
Well, except maybe the deer.
Just then I noticed movement out of the windshield. The deer was slowly working its way up on all fours, finally shaking it off and limping away.
I guess lady luck was smiling on us all!
My fuzzy mind didn’t realize the change at first, but it gradually dawned on me that the night was getting lighter. As I looked to my left I was blinded through the rain-soaked window by the brightest most invasive light I could ever remember. Leaning my forehead on the cool glass of the window as I watched the light rapidly approach, I was mesmerized. I just sat there watching the light grow bigger and brighter until it seemed to fill my soul with a blinding whiteness. In those final moments I was overcome with an agonizing dread, noticing how quiet everything had become as the bile started working its way up my throat.

Then the semi struck the door…


I don’t know if waking up accurately described my next conscious thought, but suddenly I was standing in a room with a warm fireplace burning on the far wall. I felt cold and wet and moved toward the welcome source of heat, noticing the neat and tidy furnishings carefully placed around the room.
“Hello George” a voice from the corner of the room clearly spoke, although it seemed more in my mind than felt in my ears. I looked in the direction of the voice but saw nothing, save for a small white wisp that was barely visible. “May I call you George?” the voice floated out again, this time from around the fire.
I said, “George is fine,” as I scoured the room for the source of the disembodied voice. I had noticed an accent to the words that I could not place, so I added “you’re not from around here are you?”
Laughter filled the room and seemed to be coming from everywhere at once. “I’ve always enjoyed your outlook on things, it is indeed a real treat to finally meet you” stated the stranger.
“I would probably be glad to meet you too if I knew where you were,” I stated as I continued to scan the room for the source of the voice. It should be a pretty creepy situation considering the circumstances, but I felt very at ease and my gut said this place was all right.
“I’m sorry” said the voice, this time from behind me. “I always forget that I need to change so humans’ can see me.”
Turning slowly, I was confronted by a man of average build and short dark hair with the bluest eyes I have ever witnessed. He was dressed in jeans, a white long-sleeved shirt buttoned all the way up, and a dark vest. His smile was infectious and exhibited pure joy as he rose from the chair he was sitting on and stood with his arms clasped behind his back.
He looked down and distractedly fingered a button on his vest. “I do love a waist coat but normally never get the chance to wear one.” He seemed caught up in the moment as he continued to admire the silky cloth.
He suddenly glanced to his left before again facing me, almost embarrassed. “Forgive my wandering mind George; I’ve just set up the board, would you care to engage in a game of checkers? I love that little game of yours!”
He waved his hand in the direction of the chair as he continued. “We have much to discuss when you get comfortable.”
“I feel like I’ve been run through the wringer, do you have any beer?” I questioned him, uncertain at how long it had been since I’d had any, but feeling the need in a strong way.
“Certainly,” he said, “it’s already sitting next to the chair, along with some pretzels and chips, I have to admit I’ve grown quite fond of your potato chips.”
I looked over and the bottle of beer was there all right, steamy looking cold wisps curling out of it just like in the old magazine ads. I realized that moments before when I had walked by that very chair, there hadn’t been any beer or checker board set up, and the surprising thing was that it didn’t seem to surprise me. I kinda expected the unexpected in this room already.
I sat down and grabbed the bottle and gulped a swallow.
It was ice cold! 
As I continued to drink in the best tasting brew I had ever tasted, I became aware of the fact that the bottle seemed always full.
“They got this at the local liquor store?” I questioned, “I might like to pick up some of this brand.”
Again the all-encompassing laughter filled the room, his smile beaming brighter than ever.
“So,” I tentatively began, “you seem to know a lot about me, but all I know about you so far is that you play checkers, serve the best beer I ever tasted, and seem to be somewhat of a magician.”
 “You seem familiar to me too, but I don’t remember seeing you before. You belong to the Legion? Who the heck are you?”
His eyes twinkled as he looked on me from the other chair, hesitating but a moment to finish a bite of his potato chip before he spoke.
“Let’s just say I’m your guardian angel.” There was a glint of something that quickly passed over his blue eyes, but they returned to normal quickly enough that I couldn’t grasp what it was.


I sat there with my perfect beer in this perfect room, talking to a man who I suddenly realized also seemed a little too perfect.
Where do we go from here I wondered?
 “You were in imminent danger tonight, so I pulled you out of your car and brought you here,” he stated, seeming to read my thoughts.
“Where is here” I asked, “It reminds me of someplace.”
“It’s just a representation of someone’s living room from your mind. Pretty nice isn’t it?”
Looking over to a door in the wall, he smiled the most perfect smile I have ever seen…at least on a man.
Pointing at the door, “And through that door…well, lets just say, one of your futures awaits you.”
“You have a choice to make tonight George. These things are always your choice by the way.”
“You are not actually here in this room of course, this is just one of your memories that we are sort of…visiting. Everyone’s mind is a little different, based on your life experiences and likes. No one else has a room in their head exactly like this one.”
“What journey would that be…say…what is your name anyway?”
“You know my name, for I have been with you for a long time. But for the purposes of this discussion, why don’t you just call me Michael.” 
Michael it is then,” I smiled at my host, tipping my bottle in his direction. “So, what’s this journey you keep talking about?”


Michael looked over at me from seat and settled in to his own beer. “This is one of the best thing you have going, beer is truly a miracle. I don’t get it near often enough.”
I smiled at the thought and nodded in agreement, Beer was the best!
“About that journey you mentioned earlier, and a choice, what did you say that was about?” I asked again.
Turning serious, Michael got to the point. “You have been brought here, as I stated before, because you were in imminent danger. My job tonight is in part to give you a choice in outcomes to that wreck.”
Sliding forward and leaning elbows on knees he continued.
“You see, it is not your scheduled time to leave this world, but because humans have free will, we do not always have control over when the actual event may happen.”
“We could not foresee that Jake, the driver of the truck that hit you, would drive an extra shift tonight. He has been under a lot of stress lately; behind on his bills and such, and he thought he could help his family with the extra money. Jake was however very tired and fell asleep at the wheel.”
“Of course we expected you to have been drinking tonight,” he continued with a grin, “it’s what you do every night!”
He smiled knowingly as he continued. “Unfortunately, we have no control over the animals of the world either, and hadn’t foreseen the deer stopping in front of you on the road.”
Standing up, Michael started pacing in front of our chairs, obviously mulling over how to continue the story. I however had no trouble thinking of things to say as I was reeling from all of the information he had laid on my lap in the last few minutes.
“Hold on a minute,” I said, halting Michael’s pacing. “You pulled me out of the car and brought me here?”
Michael’s lips curled into a smile and he again took his seat, looking me in the eye as he addressed my question.
“Not exactly George, we’re not really here…remember?”
Now I was confused, how could I be here, but not here?
“But, since this isn’t supposed to be you time, you have been given the great honor of a choice. It really is a great honor George, and you should take it as such,” Michael stated.
 “Ok…ok, say I’m honored, what is the choice I have to make then,” I asked guardedly.
“Seems to me it’s either my time or it’s not, either way I appear to have kicked the bucket.”
“I know your patience is wearing thin,” he said, “humor me a minute more if you will while I try to explain myself.”
“While I can’t protect you from everything as I said, I do have the power to alter certain situations.”
“For instance, I can move you to the other side of the car, allowing you to live, but I would not be able to completely shield you from harm. In this situation you would end up badly crippled and in much pain.”
“You would spend the rest of your life as a mute quadriplegic, depending on others for your every need. You would be unable to even scream to express the amount of pain that you would be constantly suffering. You would most likely spend the rest of your life in a nursing home, who in turn would take every bit of your mother’s future earnings for your care. She would end up in abject poverty, all because of you.”
I felt sick. The room around me, once bright and warm looked dimmer suddenly. A chill crept up my spine as the sudden coldness of the room permeated my soul. The fire was gone now and I ran over to the now cold ashes and threw up in them, the bile staying in my throat and burning like acid.
“What the hell!” I screamed at Michael as a cold sweat covered my body. “What kind of choice is that?”
“It’s a hell of a choice George, did you never suspect that you may need to pay a price for the lifestyle you have lived these last ten years?”
A sneer formed across Michael’s face as he uttered these words, nonchalantly flicking a piece of lint off of his pants as he spoke.
“You do have a choice though; your other option is through that door.”
He again pointed to the closed door on the wall of the room.
“Through that door is Hell George, in all of its agonizing glory. You have the choice of skipping all of those earthbound atrocities I mentioned earlier. You can chose to alleviate your mom’s impending hell, and your years and years of constant pain that are in store for you if you stay. You can suck it up, think of someone besides yourself for once. Your  mother will quickly get over her sadness at your passing. You have been a very big burden on her soul you know.”
Tears were streaming down my face as I easily made the decision between the eternity in hell and the one on earth that I would force my mother to also endure. The sadness of knowing that I hadn’t thought enough of her well being in this life caused my heart to break.
Standing but still facing the cold fireplace, I tried to speak, the noise coming out of my mouth little resembling my normal voice.
“Ok,” I croaked, “Take me to hell.”
“Excellent choice my boy, that is indeed an excellent choice!”
Still standing and facing the now frigid fireplace, I heard Michael rise from his chair and walk up behind me. Noticing his shadow on the wall, I was filled with fear as the shadow grew in height and distortion. I didn’t recognize the figure now projected on the wall, but I closed my eyes before I had to look at the hideous form behind me now.
Suddenly, my forehead was again against the cold glass of the car as the headlights of the semi seemed to be coming at me with lightning speed.
“WE HAD A DEAL!” I screamed as the truck made contact with the door and the screeching steel started to wrap itself around my body.
Suddenly everything stopped! Everything was frozen in time as I suddenly felt the putrid hot breath of Michael on my ear as he whispered in a raspy voice.
“Why do you think they call it hell?”

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Byte is a new author of horror, sci-fi and fantasy. Of course Byte is not her real name (or is it?) but a pseudo name seemed like a good idea since she is being hunted by a certain communist dictatorship.
Immigrating to the US five years ago, she is just now getting onto her feet, and finally has the time to bring you the stories rummaging around in her head.
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Friday, October 30, 2015

Quote of the day 10-30

A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.

Thomas Mann

Murmansk! Chapters 77, 78, and 79!

As I promised months ago, here are some more chapters from my new International Thriller...Murmansk! Hope you enjoy this week's offering! New posts every Friday!

Available now at Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble and priced at only $3.99! (See links at the bottom)

Murmansk is part of The Adventures Of Gabriel Celtic

Original Concept Cover

Chapter 77
December 15, 2000

“What are we going to do once we find out where he’s going?” Preacher asked from beside me in the back seat of the cab.
“I’m not sure,” I admitted. “Maybe find Abby…maybe find the real reason for our abduction.”
“You don’t think it’s just about a bigger payday from McGruder?”
I shrugged, “It could be…it could be a lot of things. But I think there’s something much deeper going on here. Sticking us out in the tundra wasn’t an act that leads me to believe they were ever coming back for us. We weren’t important to the resolution of whatever is going on…although I’m still uncertain as to why they separated us from Abby.”
“Forgive me for saying so,” Preacher replied in a low voice, “But it could be a white slave sort of thing. Although she’s a little old for it, Abby is still a beautiful woman.”
Shock at his statement coursed throughout my body but was quickly replaced by a thought that settled those nerves.
I gave Preacher a small smile, “That would be a big mistake on their part.”
“Agreed,” Preacher answered with his own smile, “But they wouldn’t have known that…at least not in the beginning.”
“Mr. SUV is moving onto the motorway.” Nick called back from the front seat. “Continue to follow him I thinks?”
“Yes,” I replied quickly, “We don’t want to lose him wherever he goes.”
Giving it more thought, I called back up to Nick. “Where does this motorway lead anyway?”
Nick shrugged, “Many places…north of the city…Pechenga I thinks. A map you like to see?”
“Yes I would,” I answered, “If you have one.”
Nodding, Nick suddenly leaned over and started riffling through the glove box with both hands as the car veered into the next lane amid multiple horns blaring behind us.
Sitting back up quickly, Nick looked into his mirror and held up one finger in aggravation. “Stupid Russians know not good manners,” he sighed before handing back a well used, folded map, “Apologies my friends.”
Waiting for my heart to slow before thanking him, I took the map and spread it out on my lap as Preacher leaned in to have a look.
“We’ll be right back where we started,” Preacher offered, pointing to the spot on the map indicating Sputnik.
“That gives me an idea,” I smiled as I looked up at Preacher, “A way of screwing with him while maybe finding out a little more about him.”
“I’m game for anything,” Preacher replied while leaning back into his seat. “Think we can do it without getting caught?”
I shrugged, “It seems like it to me…I guess you never know though.”
Glancing over to Preacher, “What say you partner, shall we give it a try?”
Preacher was grinning when he turned toward me and answered, “Full fucking steam ahead!”


Ivan was contentedly humming along to the music on the radio when his cell phone went off. Not paying any attention to who the caller was, he flipped his phone open and answered.
He could hear the screaming of the wind from the caller’s end of the call.
“Hey asshole,” a voice screamed at him above the roaring of the wind. “Are you ever coming back here to get us?”
Shocked, Ivan pulled the phone away from his face and stared at the screen.
“Der’mo!” he whispered when he saw the number of the sat phone he had left with the prisoners.
Pushing the phone back to his ear, he started to say something before noticing that the line was dead.
He had deposited the men there over four days before, and was having a hard time believing they could still be alive!
Concern edged its way into his thoughts.
What if they were somehow rescued…what if they lived and eventually identified him?
Anger then replaced concern as his mind went through all of the scenarios. He had assured his boss that they would quickly perish…and that there was no need to hurry to make another trip to the isolated outpost.
As if fate was guiding him, he noticed the exit ahead. If he took the exit however, he would lose a good two hours, and Noon was expecting him soon.
“Fuck the bitch,” Ivan hissed as he jerked the wheel over and took the exit ramp.


 I pulled my head back into the car and closed the window to the icy cold, shutting off the phone again to conserve the battery.
“Think he’ll take the bait?” Preacher asked from beside me.
“Judging from the gasp when he heard my voice, I’d say we stand a better than even chance of him going for it.”
“They can track sat phones you know. If he checks into it he’ll know we’re not still on Rybachy.”
I nodded and turned toward Preacher. “I’m betting on that taking too long…and would probably involve letting his boss know if he has one. I’m counting on the thought that we still being alive would be seen as a screw-up.”
“He taking exit to Sputnik!” Nick called back, “Follow him I should?”
“Yes,” I grinned, “But stay well back…I think he will be stopping very soon!”


Ivan felt sick as he glanced around the cold, empty outpost.
They were gone…and apparently had been for quite awhile.
How did they escape?
Spying the pallets that had once been Preacher’s bed, Ivan squatted down to investigate, seeing the remnants of blood…a lot of blood.
Maybe they both didn’t get out alive at least, he smirked as he stood.
“If they were gone,” he mumbled to himself, “Why call me? Why not just get on a plane and get out of the country?”
The answer, when it hit him, caused him to curse and burst out of the shack at a run towards the snowmobile.
It had been a setup!


Waiting in the cab twenty minutes after Ivan left to make sure no one was watching, we finally exited the car and made our way to the SUV.
Working quickly, Nick extracted a Slim Jim from his coat and proceeded to unlock the car door.
Looking at him suspiciously when he turned around, he merely shrugged and grinned broadly.
“Customers often be needing help to getting into their cars.”
Smiling at his answer, I moved past him and slid into the front seat. The first thing I noticed was the stack of Benjamins staring back at me.
Grinning, I lifted the notes and held them out toward Nick.
“I’ll be needing my watch back now.”
Eyes wide in shock, Nick lifted the bundle out of my hand and swiftly flipped through it.
“There is much more than two-thousand American here my friend.”
Reaching into his pocket, he withdrew my watch and handed it back to me. “But I will take it…maybe I get new car.”
Grinning, I went back to rummaging through the car, quickly coming across the sack filled with money.
“Here you go Preacher,” I grinned as I handed the sack over to him, “Your payment for him shooting you.”
Preacher’s eyes also grew wide when he looked into the sack.
“Damn!” was all he uttered before cinching the sack back up and dropping it at his feet. “What else you got in there?”
“Why don’t you get in the back and have a look while I finish the front,” I replied while opening the glove box.
“Come to papa,” I grinned as the handgun appeared in the glove box, the light gleaming off the shiny, oiled surface.
“9MM automatic,” I boasted while picking it up and pulling the clip, “Fully loaded with two…no three extra clips!”
“I can beat that,” Preacher grinned as he turned from leaning over into the cargo area. “Two assault rifles….AK-47’s!”
Holding one in each hand, he looked like a child that had just got the greatest Christmas present ever.
Another five minutes of searching garnered nothing else except the man’s name and address that were listed on the car’s registration…which I also took with me.
“So, do we wait for Mr. Ivan Primalov and take him prisoner?” Preacher asked as we were walking back to the cab with our loot.
I gave this some thought as we loaded up the trunk, waiting until we were back in the car before replying.
“I think not,” I finally replied. “When he gets back, he’s already going to be pissed that we weren’t still on Rybachy. When he sees what we took from him…”
“He’ll be livid!” Preacher finished my sentence. “And people that mad make mistakes!”
“My thoughts precisely,” I agreed before turning toward Nick. “Pull us back, further away from this lot so he can’t see us when he gets back Nick.”
Still grinning from his newfound wealth, Nick bobbled his head excitedly, “Whatever you say boss!”
“Hmmph,” Preacher grumbled good-naturedly, “He’s starting to sound like Snake!”

Chapter 78
December 16, 2000

“Sorry old friend,” Snake whispered quietly as he finished tying an unconscious Anton to a chair.
“We’re about ready Snake,” Raven said as she stepped through the doorway, an assault weapon slung over her shoulder. Wearing a black, heavily-ribbed military sweater and cargo pants, Snake’s heart skipped a beat as he watched her walk toward him. Arriving next to him, she glanced down sadly at the unconscious man.
“That’s a shame, but I guess you had your reasons.”
Snake nodded while straightening up. “I’m relatively certain he’s sold us out Raven. For that he’s lucky I didn’t shoot him myself.”
“But you can’t be sure…”
Snake shrugged, “If I’m wrong…he’s been treated worse by his good customers.”
Watching Raven’s smile grow at his statement, Snake once again thanked the Gods above for allowing them to be together. Turning as one, their arms entwined as they headed through the doorway and into the warehouse area.
Once there, they observed Josh helping May into the back of the cab of the Ural 4x4 utility truck. Handing up her gun next, he then took Ya Su into his arms as Georgette pulled herself up into the cab.
The baby’s eyes were alert as she took in the warehouse over Josh’s shoulder before he then handed her up to Georgette. Turning to grab his own gun, he caught sight of Raven and Snake. Grinning broadly, he snapped off a salute before turning and making his way out of the warehouse by a side entrance.
“You’d never know we were a bunch of untrained operatives on a hopeless mission would you?” Snake offered while shaking his head.
Raven pecked his cheek before she herself moved toward the truck. “Speak for yourself,” she replied over her shoulder, giving him a wink. “And get the door while you’re at it.”
Grinning, Snake headed to the overhead door and hit the button to raise it before moving to the driver’s seat of the truck. The Ural-43206 was originally developed for the Russian military, but had quickly become available to the general public when the Russians were confronted by the realities of their failing economy. Initially hesitant about standing out while driving around in this particular truck, Snake had quickly remembered how many they had passed on the motorway during their drive here.
Starting the truck, he moved it out of the warehouse and stopped before exiting the truck to reclose the warehouse door. Moving once again to the truck, he let out a nervous breath before reentering the cab.
“I sure hope this works.”


Twenty minutes later, a squad of armed men burst through the door.
Immediately spreading out, their guns at the ready, they had the building secured within a minute.
Upon sounding the all clear, Noon Byrk breezed into the building, her white hair flowing behind her. On another day, the men surrounding her might have mistakenly thought she looked sexy as she made her entrance.
Not one man made that fatal mistake today however. The flash in the pale eyes and the frown on her lips would allow no such thoughts to enter the head of anyone near her.
Walking up to the unconscious Anton, she looked down on the sniveling black-marketer.
“Värdelös skit,” she hissed while slapping him across the face. “Vakna du stinkande bit av dynga ! (Useless shit, Wake up you stinking piece of dung!)
Anton howled out in pain while his head rolled loosely on his shoulders. “What is it?” he growled, raising his unfocussed eyes toward Noon.
Flicking the knife out of its sheath, Noon grabbed his hair with her free hand and shoved his head back violently. Within seconds, the point of the knife was drawing a trickle of blood on his neck.
“Where are my prisoners?” she screamed, “Where is the infant?”
Fighting back fear, Anton swallowed before speaking. “I say by throb in head they tire of my friendship. Probably took what they wanted and left.”
Slashing at him in frustration, Noon carved a long, shallow cut in Anton’s neck.
Thinking it was fatal; Anton quickly tried to grab his neck with his bound hand while simultaneously pushing himself away from her, causing his chair to topple backwards.
“Idiot!” Noon hissed, turning to one of the men.
“Get him up and see if he can figure out what they have taken.”
“Yes sir!” the man replied before turning and yelling at one of the other men to untie Anton.
Turning away from the others, Noon stalked across the warehouse, seething.
This was all Ivan’s fault!
She shuddered with anger at the thought.
If he had arrived at her place on time, they might have gotten here and captured the Americans…captured the damned infant!
A sudden thought came to mind, one of sticking her knife into Ivan’s entrails as he howled in pain. Closing her eyes, her body shuddered in glee as she carried the deed further and further in her mind. By the time she was done, his bloody corpse would not be identifiable to his own mother.
Opening her eyes, she felt the cold calmness return to her…the calmness that allowed her to be who she was…the calculated calmness that instilled fear in the others around her.
Turning on her heel, she stalked back toward the men purposefully.
“I want a list of everything that is missing and everyone back in the trucks in three minutes!”
Turning to leave, one of her men nervously stepped in front of her. “Sir…what do we do with the man?”
Turning to glance toward Anton over her shoulder, she turned back to the black-clad soldier.
“He is of no use to me now.”
With that, she stepped around the soldier and left the building, knowing that even though she had left the words unspoken, this would be Anton’s last day on this earth.

Chapter 79
December 16, 2000

The hotel suite was quiet. It was the middle of the night and everyone was asleep…except for Abby.
Pouring more coffee into her cup, she shoved the pot back into the coffee maker and padded barefoot back toward the desk.
She had been working on the book off and on all day, and although she seemed to be making some headway, it continued to be slow going.
Setting down again in front of the computer, she flicked the mouse to get rid of the screen saver. Sitting back in her chair and sipping her coffee, she stared at the screen.
Displayed on the screen was window after window of websites dedicated to the interpretation of runes. The only problem was…there were no definitive definitions of runes!
Glancing down at the cover of the old book, she took in the symbol there…a perfect example.

Named Perthro, the literal meaning was actually unknown, and even semi-accepted guesses to the translation were sometimes different depending on the origin. In other words, the definition may be different dependant on if it was written by Germanic, Anglo-Saxon, or Norse peoples.
Accepted meanings then could be: mystery, chance, or gamble. Many, more modern interpretations think it could also refer to science and technology.
Not to be out done, spiritual interpreters would say it involved the disclosure of a secret…but then say it could also refer to the sensible and moderate enjoyment of sexuality!
Abby closed her eyes while shaking her head. Fatigue was building within her…fatigue and depression.
Once again they had been unable to contact anyone yesterday. May, Raven and Snake were off the grid. Hopefully they had Ya Su with them at least. Even Josh couldn’t be reached…and he usually answered her calls on the first ring! And of course there had still been no sign of Gabe and Preacher either.
Sighing, Abby fought back an overwhelming urge to cry.
Late last night, Abby and McGruder had looked over the data collected by his computer system and made an educated guess as to where to find Noon’s hideout.
They had settled on a place called Luostari…a little over two hours away.
Since it had been so late, everyone had decided to get a good night’s sleep and head there in the morning.
But Abby couldn’t sleep, worry and negative thoughts overpowering her every time she closed her eyes.
Instead, she had gone back to trying to translate the book.
Sighing again, Abby set down her cup and opened the book to where she had left off. She then opened a spreadsheet she had been working on.
Since there was so much information for each rune she came across, she had decided to create the spreadsheet to help her figure the translation out.
Listing each rune by name, she would then use the next five columns to record the five best options for a translation, grouping the listings as they had been in the book. In other words, each page in the book had a corresponding page on the spreadsheet; each gap in a page had a similar gap, etc. etc.
She anticipated that when she printed it out, she would be able to read down it and circle the most apt translation as she went, hoping it might make more sense then.
Abby couldn’t help but smile when the spreadsheet appeared on her screen. She had just finished a section before her break; the section that she had assumed had been talking about Gabe and Wolf. Happily, she had found additional evidence to help prove her theory.
Although neither of the runes she had originally spotted was identifiable on any of the websites she had found so far, there were corresponding runes listed under the originals that had descriptions on every webpage.
Under Gabe’s Rune, she had identified a rune called Mannaz:

The common translation for this rune was mankind…or more precisely, God reflected in humankind…savior.
Similarly, Wolf’s rune had a corresponding rune called Thurisaz:

The common meanings for this symbol were also apt…giant, monster…devil!
Even though Wolf’s and Gabe’s symbols had no meaning to the world at large, Abby was still amazed that whoever had written the book had somehow known what they would be hundreds or even thousands of years before they were actually used.
Proving at least to herself that she had correctly interpreted the runes had gone a long way toward giving her the confidence to continue with the translations.
It was the only thing that was holding her emotions in check!
“Good morning!”
Abby jumped with the words as McGruder suddenly appeared beside her.
“Geez Patrick! You scared the crap out of me!”
Looking up at McGruder, Abby noticed the smile on his face. “What’d you do, oil your braces?” she asked referring to the clicking noise that usually preceded him everywhere he went.
McGruder could only shrug. “It may be due to the cold temperatures that has smoothed out their operation,” he offered in explanation. “Have you been up all night?”
“Couldn’t sleep,” Abby grumbled while turning back toward the computer screen, “And translating this book is contributing to my eventual senility.”
McGruder laughed at her response.
“I assume that you have made some headway though?”
“Some,” Abby replied with a small smile. “I more or less confirmed my theory about it mentioning Gabe, and I have some thoughts on a couple of other things.”
“Do tell,” McGruder urged, “Would you care to enlighten me?”
Abby shrugged, “Don’t hold me to anything yet.”
Flipping to the cover of the book, she laid her finger on the symbol there. “I believe this to be a description of what is found within. This symbol can mean mystery…or secrets revealed. I believe this to be a book of prophecies about future events throughout the world. Since it was written long ago however, we will probably find that some of these have come to pass already…like the showdown between Gabe and Wolf last year.”
“Extraordinary,” McGruder whispered in reply, leaning closer to the book. “That such a book could even be written is…astounding!”
“I know right?” Abby grinned. “I think we’ll find a lot of stuff that we recognize having happened in the past…and a few yet to come that we may not want to know!”
“Indeed,” McGruder responded thoughtfully. “I can certainly see why Noon Byrk would want it back, although I can’t imagine why she would have it in her possession in the first place.”
Abby shrugged, “I would say that either she is a member of the group that controls it…or she stole it from them.”
“Do we know who this group is?” McGruder questioned then.
“Not precisely,” Abby responded while bringing up a screen on the computer, “Take a look at this though.

This rune is called Othala, generally it represents inheritance, group order and prosperity.”
Clicking a few more keys, Abby brought up a second image.

“This one is also Othala, but it’s reversed, or flipped so it’s known as Othala Merkstave. It represents totalitarianism, slavery and poverty.”
“I’m following you so far,” McGruder nodded, “But where are you going with this?”
Flipping the cover back, Abby then pointed to the first rune in the book. “This image appears numerous times throughout the book, and since it is the very first image, it could be construed as very important.”

“I would agree with your assessment Abby,” McGruder replied, his attention on the image. “And you have a theory as to what it represents?”
“Just an educated guess Patrick,” Abby replied while looking up at McGruder, “But one that seems to fit the circumstances.”
“Please proceed,” McGruder urged.
“Since Othala deals with group dynamics and prosperity, and the Merkstave position represents denial of freedom…I think it represents a group that deals with both…or maybe one that controls the outcome of both to suit their needs…using this book as a guide.”
“So you are theorizing that this is a group…much like the Bilderbergs or The Thule Society…bent on some sort of world domination?”
Abby held up her hands in surrender. “I don’t know Patrick. So far it’s only a theory, but there have been numerous references to that symbol in the book…and some other references close to the symbol that lead me to believe they go by a certain name.”
“You’ve scratched out a name for them?” McGruder questioned, his interest piqued.
“If I’ve read it right I have,” Abby responded.
“I think they may call themselves…The Brotherhood.”

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Another Halloween Special! - The Legend of Ol' Red Eyes!

A couple of years after writing The Legend of West Fork (which takes place in the 1800's) I wrote a Pepper and Longstreet story based on the same legend. Bringing an old legend to life in modern times was kinda cool...and since Longstreet is a ghost... get the point...creeepy with a side of...creepy!'s the story....Enjoy and I hope you can sleep tonight! (Creepy laughter in background)

The Legend of Ol Red Eyes

“Purportedly seven feet tall with a large black, shadowlike body, Ol Red Eyes is said to carry a massive double-headed ax which he uses to…part the head of his victim from the rest of the unsuspecting body.”
Mr. Fuhrman smiled at his students’ shocked reactions. He loved repeating this eerie story of the legend every Halloween.
Continuing in a purposely creepy voice, “He will emit an eerie growl like that of a wolf. Lacking a real head, his glowing red eyes are said to float over where his neck would be.”
Looking around the room at the now-expectant eyes of his students, he knew they were ready for the coup de gras.
“And there is just this one… last… thing…BOO!”
Mr. Fuhrman laughed hysterically at some of the students’ responses, with a few of the girls in the front row letting out quick screams.
Pepper Jones smiled at Mr. Fuhrman’s theatrics. She had to admit, he certainly loved his history, and did his best to impart that love onto his students by making them get totally involved in his classes.  
“On All Hallows Eve,” the teacher continued then, “this very dark and mean apparition will come out of the cemetery to take the head of some unwary traveler for himself. There have been unconfirmed reports of several instances over the last century of finding headless bodies in the area on November 1st.”
Mr. Fuhrman then reached down to his desk and picked up a small, very old book.
“In fact, in 1889, John Bailey wrote a book on the subject that he called ‘The Legend of West Fork’. In his story, he recounts what he claims to be a true encounter with Ol Red Eyes himself. According to the book, he escaped losing his head on Halloween night with the help of the ghost of his grandmother.”
Looking at the book fondly, he then looked back to his students. “Although the book was very popular in its day locally, I believe this is the only copy left. Fortunately for you, I have made copies for all of you on my desk. Make sure you take one; it will be on the test.”
Groans filled the room as the bell rang in the hall, signaling the end of class. As Pepper gathered up her books, she felt the presence of someone hovering over her desk.
“Longstreet!” she whispered as she started looking up, “I told you not to come to school…”
“Who’s Longstreet, Red?”
Pepper’s heart skipped a beat as she realized it was Jamie Larson standing beside her desk, looking at her quizzically with a smile. He had called her Red since they were in the 8th grade. Hating it at first, she had gradually warmed up to the nickname as Jamie had gotten cuter.
“Oh…nothing,” Pepper stammered, embarrassed. “I was just…never mind.”
Jamie’s smile grew larger then. “What are you doing tonight Red? A bunch of us are…”
“Pepper, are you going with us tonight?”
Beth had been Pepper’s best friend forever, and she interrupted from across the room as she walked quickly toward Pepper’s desk.
Seeing Pepper’s confused look, Beth looked at Jamie questioningly. “Didn’t you ask her yet?”
“I was about to,” Jamie huffed, “but somebody interrupted!”
Looking quickly back to Pepper, “A bunch of us are going out to the West Fork cemetery tonight…to try to find Ol Red Eyes. Wanna come?”
Pepper was surprised, having been looking forward to giving out candy to the neighborhood kids. A creepy dark cemetery was not her first choice for a Halloween night.
“Where else would you spend Halloween?” Beth squealed when Pepper voiced her concerns. “It’s the perfect place to go tonight! You’re not scared are you?”
She hadn’t meant the question to sound mean, but Jamie took it that way.
“Hey Beth, I don’t think we need to taunt her to go; she can make her own decision.”
“Oh, I didn’t mean it that way; Pepper knows me well enough to know when I’m kidding. Don’t you Pepper?”
Beth and Jamie both looked at Pepper after she uttered the word.
“What do you mean Pepper, okay what?” Jamie asked.
Pepper looked up with a smile, “Okay…I’ll go. Sounds like fun!”
Pepper was reading Mr. Fuhrman’s handout in the courtyard at lunch when she had her own haunting.
“Howdy Missy.”
The handout fell to the ground as Pepper jumped in her seat.
“Dammit Longstreet! Pepper hissed, “Will you quit sneaking up on me like that?”
Realizing then where she was, she glanced around her quickly to make sure she was alone.
“Besides, you’re not supposed to come to school; what’s gotten into you anyway?”
Longstreet shrugged. “Don’t rightly know little lady. There something different about today. Ain’t put a finger on what it is yet though.”
Pepper was a little miffed that Longstreet had shown up at school. Although far from unpopular in her classes, she knew that some people thought her a little off. When Longstreet was around, she had a hard time concentrating on her work, as well as communicating with him. Sitting alone and talking to oneself was never a good formula for appearing sane.
Something struck Pepper just then, something that had never occurred to her before. Considering the planned excursion she and her friends had scheduled for that night, it also sent a chill up her spine.
Longstreet was a ghost.
And he was acting different.
And….it was Halloween!
Of all of the stories and legends she had either read or heard over the years, there was a common theme that seemed to reoccur in many of them.
Things were really different on Halloween….at least for ghosts.
“Jacob,” Pepper questioned her friend quietly, “can you tell me what it is that seems different today?”
Looking confused, Longstreet appeared to give Pepper’s question some serious thought.
Pepper was quite used to the expression now showing on Longstreet, as it was a quite common occurrence. Longstreet really didn’t know he was a ghost, and for that reason, many things confused him about the modern world.
It was only lately that Pepper had been able to prove to him that there were such things as ghosts. While she was at Band Camp this summer, they had helped a ghost with some unfinished business that had kept her from moving on.  
Even though Longstreet had interacted with the ghost during the case, Pepper could tell he was still confused about the whole subject.
“Well little lady, I’m not rightly sure. I got this here tingling going on, and I felt an urging to come to this place…to tell you something.”
It was Pepper’s turn to look confused. “Tell me what Longstreet?”
“That’s the thing missy; it don’t make no sense.”
No one could annoy Pepper faster than Longstreet could, and her aggravation level kicked up to bonus level as he him-hawed around the subject.
“Dammit Longstreet,” she hissed loudly, “spit it out! I have to go to class in a minute!”
Longstreet hesitated a few more moments before delivering the message that had been implanted in his mind by some unseen force.
Finally nodding imperceptivity, “I guess I’m supposed to tell you missy….don’t go!”
“Don’t go?”
Pepper repeated Longstreet’s ominous message.
Longstreet nodded. “That’s what were in my head to tell you. Don’t know what it means though.”
Another chill ran up Pepper’s spine…a warning from the beyond?
“Seriously Longstreet, are you making this up? It isn’t funny you know.”
Her heart sank when he repeated the confused look at her question. He really didn’t know what it meant.
This was just getting too strange. The only ghost she knew, acting strange and giving her mysterious warnings…all having to do with Halloween?
The bell rang then, telling her she had five minutes to get to class.
“I better go Longstreet. Maybe you would feel better if you went for a ride on Lady.”
She could tell Longstreet liked the idea, nodding slightly with a smile before he disappeared with a whoosh.
Gathering her books, she started off for class, the ominous warning about their planned outing tonight heavy on her thoughts. She didn’t know what to do about it though. No one would believe her if she told them that a ghost had warned them not to go. And even if she didn’t go with them, her friends may still be in danger.
She realized suddenly that her stomach hurt, and she felt clammy, a cold sweat having broken out across her brow.
Sighing as she entered her next class, she took her seat and made ready for the lecture. But the teacher’s words never made it to her paper; her mind was too distracted as her thoughts centered on a completely different subject.
Ol’ Red Eyes!
Glancing down the road, the icy chill returned as the hair on the back of his neck stood on end. Two dim red orbs seemed to be staring at him. The large flowing shape of a man dressed in black fog could be made out below the glowing spheres, a humongous ax head hanging down from one hand.
He realized suddenly that he had forgotten to take a breath. Inhaling sharply now, the sound broke the silence of the dark road.
“I thought it was just a story,” he gasped quietly, “he really exists?”

Pepper gulped when she read this. She was in her room…rereading the copied story that Mr. Fuhrman had handed out.
She was still unsure about what to think of the legend. John Bailey’s story was supposedly true…according to him. And then there was the strange and ominous warning that Longstreet felt compelled to pass on to her this afternoon.
But on the other hand, it was a mystery, and she knew that her overwhelming need to solve any unknown was keeping her in the game. Still, this was unlike any mystery she had ever tackled.
Putting down the story, Pepper wheeled herself over to the computer. Punching in a search, she was disheartened by the results. ‘Weapons to use on spirits’ had garnered her 17 million results, and most of them dealt with mineral spirits and descriptions of how to build weapons for computer games.
Thinking about how to reword her search, she tried about a dozen combinations with little success. Frustrated, she went back to the story.

“Yes, he is real,” the now somber girl replied. “We must hurry; his powers are stronger the closer it gets to midnight.”
“Walk with me,” the girl said determinedly while quickly pulling John into the cemetery. As they made their way through the gravestones, Red Eyes followed on a parallel course. The sound of a low growl accompanied his progress as he made his way through the gravestones.
“Listen to me,” Mary whispered, “there are a couple of things you need to know.”
She leaned into him, pushing him slightly to the side to miss a stone that had appeared before them.
“Firstly, he is not very fast for a spirit, but your escape still needs to be quick, as quick as you can run!”
“Ok,” John answered, not feeling as confident as his response indicated.
“Secondly, you can’t look at him, his eyes are hypnotic. If you do look at him when he is close… you’re a headless corpse.”
John cringed.
“The last thing you need to know Johnnie is that he can only go as far as the boundary fence. If you can get past that, you’re free.”
She then pushed up on her tiptoes and gave him a peck on the cheek. “Are you ready Johnnie? We’ll turn around quickly, and run like the wind back to the road and past the fence. If he gets close, I’ll try to distract him, he can’t hurt me.”

If the story was true, John Bailey had at least had one advantage that they didn’t. His grandmother had come back in the form of a little girl to help him.
And she knew all of the rules.
“How do I get myself into these things,” Pepper lamented distractedly as she read the story again.
“Into what things little lady?”
Pepper jumped out of her chair, her heart skipping a beat as Longstreet’s unexpected appearance filled the quiet room.
“Dammit Longstreet, can’t you knock or something!”
Longstreet seemed momentarily confused at her outburst, but then quickly returned to his normal, determined look.
“I figured there was an assignment a-brewin, felt that tingling again.”
Pepper was about to dismiss his statement when a sudden thought struck her.
“You know what? I think you do have an assignment!”
Having thought about John Bailey’s ghostly help when Longstreet had appeared, it hadn’t immediately occurred to Pepper that she had her own ghostly help.
“Lay it on me!”
Pepper giggled at his response. Although Longstreet had a hard time understanding the things of the modern world, he had nonetheless recently started repeating certain more modern phrases. Sometimes he even used them the right way!
“We are going to a cemetery tonight, to investigate an old legend. It might be good if you were around…you know…just in case.”
Longstreet seemed to mull this over in his head.
“This have anything to do with that feeling I had earlier?”
Pepper nodded. “I think so. But I’ve been doing some research, and it seems that you may be just the help we need…you know….if it’s true.”
Pepper quickly went over the highlights of the legend, including what she thought were the important parts described in Mr. Fuhrman’s handout.
Seeming confused at first, Pepper knew that he was trying to make sense once again of the fact that he himself was a ghost.
“I don’t know missy, seems a might like a tall tale to me.”
“It may be Longstreet,” Pepper said while nodding, “but if nothing else, it will be a nice trip out to the country.”
That seemed to please Longstreet, as he was never more comfortable than when he was away from the city.
Nodding decisively, he uttered, “I’ll be there,” before turning and walking out of the room through the wall.
Pepper felt some relief that Longstreet had agreed to go. She was still unsure as to how she felt about tempting fate by going to the cemetery, but having Longstreet there gave her a good feeling.
Now, there was just one more thing she needed to round up before she left to meet her friends. A small thing she had come across on her internet search that may or may not help.
She put on her jacket and headed downstairs. As she put her hand on the handle of the item she was looking for, she noticed that it was clammy.
Once again a shiver ran down her spine as her mind projected an image of Ol’ Red Eyes.
“What’s that?” Beth asked Pepper as she retrieved the item from the trunk of the car.
“Oh, just something I read about. It might be helpful…you know….if we do see him.”
Beth shrugged with a smile. Pepper could tell that she was just here for the fun of it, figuring that the only thing scary here tonight was in their imaginations.
Pepper hoped she was right!
Volunteering to drive, Pepper had made sure that she parked outside of the boundary fence, a safe haven if one believed John Bailey’s story.
The waning moon covered with swiftly-moving clouds lent an eerie glow to their surroundings as they exited the car and gathered their equipment. Then they congregated in a group at the front of the car. Jamie and Beth had wide smiles plastered across their faces, as did Lana and Zeke.
Pepper was the only one that wasn’t smiling.
“Come on Red, don’t take it so seriously,” Jamie said as he put his arm over Pepper’s shoulder. “I’m here to protect you!”
Pepper’s heart leapt in her chest at Jamie’s touch, but the mixture of emotions now rolling through her mind left her stomach lurching. She nevertheless plastered on a small smile, nodding wordlessly at Jamie.
“Everybody ready,” Jamie asked happily of the group. The others nodded and started walking toward the gravestones. Everybody was equipped with flashlights, and Zak had even brought an EMF meter he had bought off of a ghost hunter’s website.
“See anything on EMF yet?” Jamie questioned Zeke as they approached the fence.
“Nothing yet,” Zeke answered seriously as he kept his eyes on the meter, “Just a couple of blips.”
They made their way along the road until they were in front of the graveyard, and then climbed over the short wall spreading across the front of it.
“Ok, we’re in!” Jamie said loudly as Beth and Lana giggled happily.
“Think we should split up,” Zeke questioned the group. “Like they do in the TV shows?”
Pepper’s outburst had surprised everyone, including herself.
“I mean, let’s stick together for awhile…you know…to see how the EMF meter works!”
This seemed to make sense to everyone, so they proceeded up the slight hill that the cemetery was built on. Every few feet, the EMF would let out a short blip, initially scaring everyone at the sound. After a few false alarms however, everybody’s nerve was up, and they continued on up the hill.
As they approached the top of the hill however, they again heard the small blip of the meter go off.
Except this time, it kept going.
“Whoa!” Jamie exclaimed excitedly, “Something’s happening!”
“And the meter’s still raising,” Zeke almost shouted in his excitement, moving the meter left and right to get the strongest signal.
Finally settling on a direction, he held it steady as he continued to watch the meter.
“Man! This thing is still climbing…it’s almost pegged!”
The group’s excitement at their sudden discovery was almost equally matched by Pepper’s dread. Standing slightly behind the others, she watched as her friends excitedly gathered around the beeping meter.
Suddenly, something caught Peppers eye from beyond the group.
Jamie looked back at her, “What is it re…”
His question was interrupted by a low growl coming from farther up the hill. Jamie snapped his head around as the whole group brought their eyes up in unison.
If it had been a brighter night, the color draining from everyone’s faces at that moment would have been apparent as they looked upon the set of red-glowing orbs.
A multitude of screams erupted in the next moment as the group of four turned as one and ran for all they were worth back down the hill, Zeke dropping his meter where he stood.
Pepper didn’t move, frozen in place as the dark apparition seemed to stare at her momentarily before following the others in a flash. Before Pepper could regain her senses, she felt a breeze beside her as Longstreet suddenly appeared with a whoosh!
Quick as a flash, he was after the black cloud that was quickly catching up to her friends.
Finally coming to her senses, Pepper yelled after her friends, “Head to the car! He can’t get you there!”
Quickly reaching down, Pepper grabbed up the now silent EMF meter and started running down the hill at an angle toward the boundary fence. At that moment, she saw Longstreet catch up with the black figure and tackle him from behind, the two falling to the ground and rolling down the hill.
Then they disappeared!
Pepper happily saw that Longstreet’s efforts had given her friends enough time to make it to the car, and hopefully safety.
Her friends immediately started yelling at Pepper, encouraging her to hurry.
Their calls were drowned out however by the loud, angry wail of a wolf!
Pepper froze.
Looking back down to where the sound had emanated from, from where Longstreet had tackled the entity, she could see nothing.
“Longstreet?” she called out quietly. “Longstreet! Where are you?”
At that moment, the meter in her hand started beeping!
Pepper’s heart skipped a beat as she realized what the noise meant.
Ol’ Red Eyes was coming for her!
“Don’t look at his eyes; don’t look at his eyes,” she repeated to herself as she dropped the meter and grabbed onto the fireplace poker she had brought from her house with both hands.
Her search of the internet had garnered her but a couple of ideas, ones that may or may not be true. The iron of the fireplace poker supposedly would disable a spirit temporarily if it was touched with it, theoretically feeling like a burn to a demon.
Pepper prayed that her information was correct as a black cloud-like being started forming in front of her.
Where the hell was Longstreet?
Gulping back her fear, she swung the iron at the apparition before it was fully formed, the red eyes having not yet appeared.
A howl of pain erupted from the demon as it disappeared in a poof of smoke.
“Longstreet!” she cried as she turned and ran for all she was worth down the hill. Within seconds however, she heard the sound of pursuit behind her, accompanied by a fierce growl.
Grabbing the iron tool in her right hand, she swung it blindly behind her, apparently connecting with her pursuer as another angry, painful wail ensued.
“Longstreet! This isn’t funny Longstreet,” she cried out again as she once more heard the sound behind her. Just as she could see the low fence spreading out in front of her…she tripped!
Dropping the fireplace poker in her fall, Pepper immediately rolled onto her back, her arms frantically searching for the iron tool as Ol’ Red Eyes rose above her to the full of his seven foot stature, the glowing red eyes now blazing. Raising the head of the giant double-headed ax above his head, he let out a howl of satisfaction as Pepper closed her eyes for the last time.
The sound of a loud grunt in front of her forced Pepper to open her eyes, just in time to see Longstreet and the black apparition fall to the ground entwined together.
“Git goin missy!” Longstreet yelled as he threw some punches at the glowing red eyes as they rolled on the ground.
Not needing a second warning, Pepper jumped up and over the low fence in a single movement, sprinting the last fifty yards to the car.
Beth was crying as she wrapped her arms around her friend.
“I thought we had lost you!” she sobbed into Pepper’s shoulder. Pepper hugged her friend back as she looked around the ashen faces of her other friends.
“Come on! Let’s get out of here,” Pepper said, everyone immediately piling into the car at her suggestion.
Starting the engine, Pepper did a quick u-turn in the road and headed back to town. The whole trip back, everyone was solemnly silent, only mumbling goodbyes when Pepper dropped them off at their cars.
Wow,” Pepper exclaimed to herself when everyone had left, hardly believing the memories that were swirling around in her head.
“Told ya not to go,” Longstreet uttered, suddenly appearing in the passenger seat.
Relieved for once at his sudden appearance, Pepper looked him over quickly.
“You ok Jacob? He didn’t hurt you did he?”
“Not so’s you’d notice, although I was kinda paralyzed for a bit whenever I wrestled the critter. That’s why it took so long to get back to help you.”
“Don’t worry about it!” Pepper exclaimed, glad her friend hadn’t been hurt. “You showed up in the nick of time!”
Nodding, Longstreet seemed thoughtful.
“He’s still out there you know. I couldn’t do anything to stop him, least ways, not for long.”
Nodding, Pepper gave her friend’s concerns some thought.
“Maybe we can work on that another day…together.”
Longstreet seemed relieved that they were done for the night.
“Think I’ll go find Lady, see if I can get a ride in to work out the kinks.”
With that, Longstreet disappeared with a whoosh!
Finally back at her house, Pepper was ready for bed, but the night’s events were still spinning in her head.
Not sure what to do with herself, she absentmindedly picked up her teacher’s handout and leafed through it. Setting it down suddenly, she pulled her keyboard toward her.
John Bailey’s story is so old,” she thought to herself. “Maybe it’s time for a new chapter in the legend.”
With that, she started typing:

The girl listened with disinterest as her teacher went on about the old local legend.

“Purportedly seven feet tall with a large black, shadowlike body, Ol Red Eyes is said to carry a massive double-headed ax which he uses to…part the head of his victim from the rest of the unsuspecting body.”
Mr. Fuhrman smiled at his students’ shocked reactions. He loved repeating this eerie story of the legend every Halloween.

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