The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic

The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Story Behind 'The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic' Series

The recent release of Murmansk has put yet another spin on the life of Gabriel Celtic and the series that bears his name.

The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic is J.T. Lewis' epic mystery/thriller series about the adventures of the main character, Gabriel Celtic. The series is actually a retelling of Gabriel's remarkable adventures...a retelling of his life from a future perspective.

In essence, Gabriel Celtic is just an ordinary man who gets caught up in extraordinary adventures. He is a man who would be happy with a normal existence, but never backs away from a challenge that is thrust upon him...and it seems there is always another challenge lurking around every corner.

The stories read somewhat like a journal, with Gabe speaking to us in first person. Even though he has already lived the adventure, sometimes it seems he is as surprised as the rest of us at the story unfolding before him!

This series actually spans many genre's in total, allowing it to have something of interest for just about everybody. The Abducted (Prequel) is actually a Sci-Fi short story, while Betty (Prequel) is a romance. And let's not forget The Book of Gabriel, which encompasses not only the mystery/thriller genre, but also delves into Paranormal Suspense, Fantasy and Speculative Christian. In fact, the dreams Gabriel experiences throughout the series seem to lead him on a spiritual quest even as they help him solve mysteries.

Because the series encompasses his whole life, it has also led to the development of an additional series...The Adventures of Young Gabriel Celtic...a series written for Middle-Grade kids based on Gabe's early adventures...starting when he was about eight. Although written with Middle School-ers in mind, the stories also draw quite a following from old and young adults alike. 

Here is a listing for the series so far, more or less in chronological order...available at most retailers in either eBook or paperback format:

The Journal (Prequel) (Free)
The Abducted (Prequel) (Free)
Betty (Prequel) (Free)
Angel (Prequel) (Free)
Murder! Too Close To Home (Free)
Gabriel's Revenge (Now Also Free)
In Case of Death
The Book of Gabriel 
Mister Celtic, USN (Spring 2016)
Last Dance (Post Series) (Free) 

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