The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic

The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic

Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Christmas Glow

The Christmas Glow...that elusive and magical phenomenon that has your heart beating lightly in your chest while you enjoy the smiles of those around you.

And if you are just lucky enough...that feeling will carry forward...past the presents and past the time that everyone heads back to their routine life.

Maybe one calls this the afterglow?

In any case, this is the first Christmas in several years that I have experienced the true glow of the season, and I must admit it feels pretty good!

Being one that tends to try and discern the order in the chaos leading to an event (i.e...a writer) I find myself strangely at a loss to name any one incident that would allow this to happen this year. Nor am I able to fathom the complete picture of what went wrong in the previous ones.

I will admit however that I've had a better outlook on things as of late due to some changes in myself that I've been working on, and it's not a great stretch to attribute at least part of the "glow" to these very changes. For although real life still sucks some days, (or even most days), I find myself trying to be more thankful for the things that are right in my life.

And I'm finding that being thankful is a magical component when it comes to having a healthy outlook on life...maybe the most magical. It leads to even more things being right in your life, and maybe even extending the "glow" of a great Christmas!

Ok, I know everyone is busy and this was just supposed to be a short little parable about the magic of my Christmas just past...a magical Christmas in so many ways. There are many components to a happy life, and I like many others have a long way to go to achieve them all, but in trying to better myself I am at least searching.

It is with this in mind that I would like to end this brief entry by telling everyone reading this that I am thankful for you! I can only hope that you too can find things to be thankful for in your own lives as extend your Christmas glow!

Without you, my readers, I would be just some guy spouting disjointed thoughts on an anonymous web page on the internet...and that would be crazy!


I am also thankful that I'm not crazy! (...well...maybe...)


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  1. An epiphany before The Epiphany. <3 When I let go of the illusion that I am in complete control of my destiny is when my view of my life slows down. Then, everything around me focuses in crisply clear technicolor lines. What better a time than when we are at the precipice of a new year? God bless you and yours, my friend!